How to Apply for a UK Visa

Creating a Schengen visa is actually enough for you who want to travel to Europe. But, unfortunately, United Kingdom does not belong to the list of countries that can be entered with a European Schengen Visa. To enter the United Kingdom (UK), you still need to create their own visa separately.

To apply for a UK Visa (UK), you need to make and propose a form for an online visa application. When on the website to fill out a UK Visa application form, you need to sign up and create an account first. Then, you can start filling all the requirements. For example, to apply for a visa for migrating to the UK, you need to pass a b1 test, like the one on Then you need to include the proof that you have passed the test. After registering and completing the UK Visa application online submission form, you need to print and sign the completed form.